Press Release regarding movie selections for 2013 Government-Run BJIFF

Regarding the role of the Volunteer Group in the Beijing International Movie Festival:

In response to the Nov. 22 2012 statement issued by the Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee on their statement of sole authorization to collect films for submission.


Foreign entities including ourselves have been authorized every year by the Beijing International Film Festival every year to assist them with the collection of films for exhibition. Please see the associated files:

a) International Partners on 1st BJIFF Program.jpg

b) 2nd BJIFF INVITATION – authorization for 7Horns.pdf


We collected and submitted films for BJIFF in 2011, five of these were officially selected and screened:

Ondine, Kooky, Children of Invention, White Wedding, The Paper Prince


We collected and submitted films for BJIFF in 2012, four of these were officially selected and screened:

Silent Shame, The Desert of Forbidden Art, The Furious Force of Rhymes, Out of Erasers


We have already collected and submitted 20+ films for the 2013 edition of the Beijing International Film Festival. They were received by officials whose identities are publicly listed as members of the Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee. They thanked us and asked for more before their late December 2013 deadline. Our correspondence with them records this perfectly legitimate transaction.


The Chinese Government's Beijing International Film Festival's organizing committee and responsible persons are entirely 100% Chinese National Government Employees. Their ability to communicate with foreign entities is strictly limited. Our volunteer group has been assisting them in their communications with press, guests, and invited filmmakers for the past two and a half years.


In 2011, when the Beijing International Film Festival invited Darren Aronofsky to present his movie "Black Swan", they caused an uproar by censoring certain scenes without the filmmaker's permission. At his insistence an uncensored version of the film was flown in from Taiwan.

In 2012, attempting to avoid such pitfalls, James Cameron's tour manager contacted our group to provide Mr. Cameron with assistance in organizing private press interviews. A service that the Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee was unable to provide. We successfully made sure that James Cameron's ideas were directly communicated to the Chinese and International Press.


Every day for the past two and a half years, our volunteers have been corresponding with foreign movie industry professionals on behalf of the Beijing International Film Festival, because those parties approach us instead of the Chinese Government's Organizing Committee. This is because the Chinese Government Officials are not experienced in International communications where the arts are concerned. We are happy to assist them, and will continue doing so as long as there is a Beijing International Film Festival gracing our great city with developing culture! We want the Beijing International Film Festival to be truly international. To help it reach its potential we will be the Blue Fairy to its Pinocchio, making it real!


Our volunteers are all veterans of the independent Beijing International Movie Festival which ran for five years, from 2007 – 2011. It was the first truly international, accessible, inclusive, friendly film festival to be held in the city of Beijing. We kicked off a real trend, and even though our role in promoting international films in Beijing and Chinese films abroad has changed to meet the times, our passion for what we do has never flagged! Let's all look forward to a great 2013 Beijing International Film Festival with lots of new premieres of International and Chinese movies available for everyone to see!

Beijing International Movie Center confirmed screenings


For Spring 2012



Some Selected 2011 BIMF Press Coverage:

Selected Festival Photos:

China Radio International – English:

It used to be you couldn't find independent films in Beijng and not everyone knew where to get them online. That's hardly the case nowadays. Now in its fifth year, the Beijing International Movie Festival is back. This year's screenings run from October 9-17 in selected venues around Beijing such as Yugongyishan, Hot Cat, and the Marriot Hotel Northeast. This year, Beijing International Movie Festival will give film goers a casually social week of good movies to watch with good people and good drinks.

Andrea Hunt has more:     


The Beijinger:


Time Out Beijing:


City Weekend Beijing:


BBC World Radio also presented a special report on our events.
However we can't post the link here now, because they've spun the story
to make our screenings sound a lot more dangerous and provocative than they really are!

Announcing full 2011 October lineup; international independent movies in Beijing

“The best way to watch independent movies is drunk with the director next to you complaining about how they could’ve shot it better,” says KaoKao the Duck, the official BIMF mascot.
Press Contact:
Suite 703 Hesheng Guoji, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100022
Phone:  +86 13146388904 / +8610-87764362 
地址: 北京市朝阳区合生国际家园8号楼,703室 100022 /
电话:   +86 13146388904   /  +8610-87764362

About the BIMF

The Beijing International Film Festival (BIMF) is both the first and longest currently ongoing international film festival to be organised in China’s capital city, Beijing. In December 2007, June 2008, March 2009, an again in June 2010, we hosted our series of screenings at a number of conveniently located venues around the inner ring roads. The selected works are always ones never-before seen in Beijing- created with newness by Chinese and foreign directors set to intrigue and inspire audiences aplenty. Throughout the years, a number of other film festivals of various kinds have sprung up in our city, most notably and recently the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF), sponsored and organised by the government here.

2007年12月,2008年6月,2009年3月,然后是2010年6月,我们在环路内交通便利的场所来做我们一系列的放映。我们所选的影片是在北京从 来没有被放映过的,这些新奇的电影是由中外导演为了最大限度地激起观众的兴趣并触发观众的灵感而创作的。

14 September 2011,  Beijing — The Beijing International (Independent) Movie Festival  2011 has unveiled its 2011 lineup for its fifth installment of the annual festival. It is scheduled to run from Sunday October 9 – Tuesday October 18, featuring on Friday October 14, the Beijing Movie Industry Party hosted by 7 Horns (HK) at the Marriott Northeast.  
北京,二零一一,八月,十四日——第五届国际电影交流大会将隆重拉开序幕。本届电影展将由10月9日持续到10月18日,而我们期待已久的“北京电影界聚会”作为最终亮点会在14日绽放,此次聚会在北京海航大厦万豪酒店7 Horns (HK)举行,欢迎您的届时参加。
“I am really excited by the overwhelming number and quality of submissions to this year’s lineup,” said Festival “Chief Volunteer” Peter Sallade. “Our partners YuGong YiShan and the Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast are providing great independent locations to view these films.”
“我看到今年的参展电影时非常激动,因为他们在质量和数量上都很出色,” 作为“核心志愿者”的Peter Sallade说,”我们的合作商愚公移山和万豪酒店在展映电影方面给了我们很大程度的自由空间。”

Schedule for BJIFF

Announcement about 2011 Screenings Info

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International Film Events in Beijing


Beijing International Movie Center

Continuous screenings and events as required.

XinRenFilm Festival

First Filmmakers Festival

October 25 – November 9, 2012

BIMF, Beijing Independent Film Festival

Beijing Independent Film Festival
in Song Zhuang (

August 18 – 26, 2012

BJIFF, Beijing International Film Festival

2nd Beijing International Film

April 23 – 28, 2012

Kao Kao the Duck


Kao Kao is the mascot. He represents a Beijing Roast Duck.