We've chosen four honorable movies so far out of those shown in 2011 to send awards  to:

Golden Duck award for
Best Short Narrative = Gilles Corporation
Best Long Narrative = Nika 
Best Short Documentary =
Best Long Documentary =  Cultures Of Resistance 




Over the course of the last few months in 2010, our judges, industry professionals and academics reviewed all nominated movies at their leisure and choose award winners in these categories:


…aaaaand, the time has come! Decisions are made! 他们选好了!下面看会赢奖的作品:


Golden Duck award for

Best Short Narrative = The Hirosaki Players
Best Long Narrative = Die Entbehrlichen (The Dispensables) 
Best Short Documentary = The Wizard of New Zealand QSM
Best Long Documentary =
Silent Shame
People's Choice
= The Desert Of Forbidden Art

and Crying Monkey award for Best Art Flick: Bitter Art



The above were chosen from this list of  - 2010的提名者,从这个列表选了获胜者:
Best Short Narrative-  Die Unbedingten (The Absolutes), Death of the Revolution, Ghost Soldier, Amexica, The Empty Space In Between, Pawned, Lost Paradise, Elicit, Goodbye Shanghai, The Gynecologist, The Bridge, Chinese Antique, Parking Space, Cat Eats Dog, Run Granny Run, The Terms, Kabamir, Catafalque, An Affair With Dolls, The Hirosaki Players, Taste, The Door, Atlantic, Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty, Farewell Packets Of Ten, The Beekeeper's Son, An Ranger, Corduroy, The Polish Language, If I Should Fall Behind, The Mill, You're Only What I See Sometimes, Touched, There's Bliss In The Kiss, Videogames, Night Train,

Best Long Narrative- DER FÜRSORGER (The Welfare Worker), Tobruk, Die Entbehrlichen (The Dispensables), 雾 (Fog), Clear Blue Tuesday, Kings, Yesterday's Dreams, Bitter Art, The Rowan Waltz, I Am Somebody, Ondine, The Secret Of Kells, Triage, Zonad

Best Short Documentary- The Wizard of New Zealand QSM, When Elvis Met Nixon, 阿珠物语 (A-CHU Story), More Than Walking

Best Long Documentary- Silent Shame, The Desert of Forbidden Art, Requiem For Bobby Fischer, Summer Pasture, Hope Without Future, Reclaiming The Blade

People's Choice
- I Am Somebody, The Secret Of Kells, Bitter Art, The Wizard of New Zealand QSM, The Desert Of Forbidden Art, Silent Shame, more…

Best "Art" Movie- Bitter Art, The Desert of Forbidden Art, 雾 (Fog), Yesterday's Dreams, Clear Blue Tuesday, The Gynecologist, Videogames, Triage





2009 Golden Duck Award Winners:

Long Narrative- 长片故事
("Courting Condi")

Short Narrative- 短片故事
("Warrior Queen")

Short Documentary- 纪录短片
("My Beijing Birthday")


Long Documentary- 纪录长片
("Making Peace With Vietnam")


Very Long Documentary- 很长的纪录片
("Project Huemul: The IVth Reich in Argentina")


Audience Love Award- 中国观众最喜爱影片
( "Americans in Pyongyang")


Best Acting- 最好演的
(Laura García in "Buscando A Miguel")


Now announcing the winner of the 2009 CRYING MONKEY AWARD!

The decision has been made.

The award plaque has been printed.

The monkey has been punched (to make it cry).

On August 25th, in New York City, the FIRST BEIJING FILM FESTIVAL CRYING MONKEY AWARD for a non-fictional movie will be handed over to director Petr Kepka for his art documentary: STANISLAV STANEK: MY BLUES AND GREENS. (link)

This movie was selected from a group of art movie submissions we received and subsequently showed at our 2009 New Beijing International Movie Festival in the Spring.

We will show this movie again this year, along with our other "Golden Duck" award winners!





2009825日,于纽约,史无前例的第一个北京国际电影“节纪实电影哭猴子大奖”将被授予。Petr Kepka导演的纪录片《STANISLAV STANEK: MY BLUES AND GREENS





June 2008 Golden Duck Award Winners: Gift packages have been mailed!



Long Narrative- 长片故事 [South of Pico]

Short Narrative- 短片故事 [Bulong]

Short Documentary- 纪录短片 [The Long Wooden Tobogganist]

Long Documentary- 纪录长片 [Mardi Gras: Made in China]

Chinese Audience Award- 中国观众最喜爱影片[Expiration Date]
(2 years in a row! Wow!)

December 2007 Golden Duck Award Winners: Gift packages have been mailed!

Long Narrative- 长片故事 [La Crème]

Medium Narrative- 中片故事 [God's Good Pleasure]

Short Narrative- 短片故事 [Gustav Braustache and the Auto-Debilitator]

Short Documentary- 纪录短片[Cycle of Change]

Long Documentary- 纪录长片 [Kitka and Davka in Concert]

Budgetless Bomb- 最难看的片子 [Beautiful Daydreams]

Chinese Audience Award- 中国观众最喜爱影片[Expiration Date]

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